Rally In 10!

We’re looking to spread our love of tennis this summer to beginners and new players. We’ve started a new initiative, the Rally In 10 program, which aims to get new players to rally within the first 10 minutes of ever playing tennis. We are offering three (3) FREE group lessons to anybody new to our sport and new to the club*. 

So, if you have friends or family members looking for a new hobby, an additional fitness outlet, or to just make new friends, this opportunity is the perfect, risk-free introduction to tennis. And if your friend or family member ends up catching the tennis bug, they can sign up for an extended clinic, the Rally Now clinic, in the Fall Season for 50% of the regular cost. 

Oh, and make sure your friends or family tell us who referred them!!! Forward this message along to anyone you know itching to get on the court this summer so they can register for their free group tennis lessons.

Let's get them Hooked and Rallying in 10!


*must be someone new to Milford Indoor Tennis