We have adult tennis programs for players of all skill levels. Adult clinics are a great way to improve your skills under the instruction of a certified pro and the support of a small group of players like you. We also have point play and match play drop-in clinics and USTA team practices.


fall & winter Programs

SESSION 1: 9/7/17 – 1/21/18
SESSION 2: 1/22/18 – 5/19/18

Note: No clinics 11/23/16 – 11/26/17, 12/19/17 - 1/1/18 & 5/28/18



(Two 17 week Sessions) Come and enjoy fun and encouraging atmosphere! Instruction will focus on stroke development, drills and strategy to further your tennis game.

$150 deposit required for placement.

PROGRAMOnce a WeekTwice a Week
1-hour clinic$42 ($714)$79 ($1,343)
1 1/2-hour clinic$64 ($1,088)$121 ($2,057)
1 1/2-hour clinic with Director (34 weeks)$72 ($2,448)-



A great way to build trust with your partner on the court! Practices will consist of drills and situational tennis strategies that will applied in a  match play setting during the last hour. Your mental toughness, shot selection, teamwork and flexibility to play with anyone will al be tested! If you don't have a partner no worries, as we will fit you into an appropriate leveled clinic.

Teams from 2.5 - 4.5 level. 

*Must be enrolled in a full priced 34 week program

PROGRAMCost per week (Total)
1 1/2-hour clinic (45/45 Drill/Play)$42 ($714)
1 1/2-hour clinic (60/30 Drill/Play)$64 ($1,088)
2-hour clinic (60/60 Drill/Play)$60 ($1,020)



We offer competitive leagues during the day, evening and weekend hours. Our league coordinators will help you find the best program for you.

*34 week commitment

PROGRAMCost per week (Total)
1 1/2-hour Doubles$29 ($986)
2-hour Doubles$33 ($1,122)
1 1/2-hour Singles$36 ($1,224)



Point Play is a fast moving, game based clinic. If you're looking to hit a ton of balls and get a great workout, point Play is for you!

PROGRAMCost per week (Total)
1 1/2-hour$32


Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a drill, game and footwork based clinic. Fast paced and full of energy Cardio Tennis is a great workout and a lot of fun!

PROGRAMCost per week (Total)
1 hour$27