MEET Boomer THe Ball Machine! 

Meet Boomer, the all-seeing, all-knowing tennis robot. Boomer has a video camera that watches every ball you hit and knows if your strokes are “great” or just “okay”. It rates your forehand, backhand, forehand volley, backhand volley, overhead and serve.

Boomer also comes pre-programmed with hundreds of drill designed to help improve your ground strokes, transition to net, net play and cardio fitness.
MIT is renting Boomer for one month, but is under no obligation to keep it for more than one month, so please check it out before it potentially goes back to Vermont. 
Players can buy a *Month Membership for $49 starting 2/27 through 3/5.
All Boomer Membership Holders will receive Discounted Open Court rates of $25/hr when using Boomer.

Don't want the Month Membership?
Boomer can be rented for $50/hr for 1 player or $70/hr for 2 or more players.
*Includes the Court fees.

If two members use the ball machine at the same time the court cost of $25 may be split. 

Boomer Members can bring guests to use Boomer but will charged a $25 guest fee.


*Dependent on court availability during normal hours of operation

Boomer is the first robot ball machine that offers match play. And Boomer is always ready to play when you are, making him the perfect partner for private court owners.